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Please feel free to send us a message or if you prefer a human voice, phone our minister, Pastor Elliott Williams  Mobile: 07932 161402

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Online Sabbath School 09:45am
Online Worship Service 11:30am

Online Prayer Meeting 6:30pm


Elliott Williams

07932 161402
Head Elder

Andrew Chenge

07557 233250
Communications Secretary

Felicia Glasgow

07947 744123
Church Clerk

Prenti Chenge

07908 739460
Designated Safeguarding Person
Linda Dube
07944 315706
Disclosure Clerk
Jermila Sealys
07985 404099
Interest Coordinator
Nyasha Magwanyamwanya
07859 022619
Risk Assessment Team
Forward Dube
07727 274334

We are re-opening our church building from 17 July 2021. You are welcome to visit our church on a Saturday (Sabbath) morning from 11:45am for divine service. You will find a warm welcome here! Attendance is by registration. If you would like to attend, please reserve your seat here

133 Chichester Road 

North End 
PO2 0AQ 

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